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Jack Canfield,
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Registration For June Supercamp
By Special Invitation Only! 

Hi there,

Melvin here, Program Manager of Supercamp Singapore.

Right now, we are almost at full capacity for our June 7-day residential Supercamp, happening 15th - 21st June 2014 at ACS Independent.

All registrations are by special invitation only.

Do write to me at melvinqln@gmail.com if you are interested.

We do a very small-group program at Supercamp Singapore because it ensures we can give your child the VERY BEST ... and the MOST personal attention.

This, we know, will help sustain their progress and ensure real-world results when they return home.

We start camp in less than 2 weeks, so write to me if you're interested.

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp me at 98630033.


Melvin Soh

Program Manager
Supercamp Singapore

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