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Jack Canfield,
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Only A Few Days Left Till We Close Early-Bird Registrations For Supercamp Singapore Dec 2014! 

(Latest Update: )

Hi there,

Melvin here, Lead Facilitator of Supercamp Singapore.

We have just opened early-bird registrations for our December Supercamp.

If you signup now, you enjoy HUGE savings off the regular price.

On top of that, you get a chance to reserve a place for your child to attend what most parents agree is "the world's best academic and life-skills program"

We've been doing this for years and years now, and changed the lives of thousands of students in Singapore and all over Asia.

(Just click around our website, and read what happy students and satisfied parents say!)

This December will be no different.

We look forward to an amazing camp in December, and we know if your child decides to join us, their lives will be changed in a powerful, positive way. 

If you're interested to find out more, here's what you do:

- Click on the different links above to learn more about Supercamp.

- Click on **Learn More** to download a special info-pack on Supercamp. (You'll learn more in detail about what we do, and how we teach)

- Click on Register to find out how to reserve a place for your child, and enjoy HUGE early-bird savings.

And if you have any questions, Bryan (our Program Development Manager) and myself are readily available.

Whatsapp Bryan @ 98630011 or email me at melvin@qln.com.sg

Melvin Soh

Lead Facilitator,
Supercamp Singapore

P.S. Read what parents have to say about Supercamp!