“Supercamp is a model learning environment. Supercamp gives students the feeling they are finally the ones powering their own education!”

“Supercamp is a NEW breed of summer program!

““These students at Supercamp are going to CHANGE the WORLD!”

“If the 8 Keys of Excellence of Supercamp are taught in every household, it will transform the world.”


Jack Canfield,
World-Famous Author of "Chicken Soup For The Soul"

Only 4 Places Remain For Our Supercamp December Program!

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Dear Parent,

Melvin here, with an urgent notice.

We only have 4 more seats available for our December Supercamp program.

If you are serious about having your child excel in school and life - you need to act now and register them for camp!

Delay and you might have to wait a FULL year till the next camp.

If you are keen, drop me an email at melvin@qln.com.sg now ... or WhatsApp me at 98630011.

- Melvin
Lead Facilitator


If you're SERIOUS about having your child quit wasting their life away on phone and computer games ... start getting motivated about their life and grades ... and convert their talents, skills and potential into ACTUAL results ...

You've come to the RIGHT place.

Supercamp is the world's #1 student motivation program - period.

For the last 32 years, we have SPECIALIZED in helping students discover a burning purpose within to live with excellence, become their best, and achieve top grades in school.

The life-skills we teach students at our 7-day program stay with them FOR LIFE - giving them the character backbone and self-motivation they need to navigate the challenges of life.

The speed learning skills we teach help them learn MORE in half the time - allowing them to turn previous ho-hum grades into top marks!

The end result is students leave the program TRANSFORMED!

Today, some past Supercamp graduates are no longer in their teens. They have grown up and are studying in top universities overseas ... captaining sports teams ... receiving scholarships ... and doing extremely well.

Unanimously, they AGREE that Supercamp was the catalyst for their change.

They walked into Supercamp lost and aimless ... and walked out powerful and driven.

If you desire the same for your child, here are the dates for our December Supercamp program.

30th Nov to 6th Dec 2014 - at ACS (Independent) ... for 7 FULL days!

Honestly, if your child has any tuition classes, enrichment lessons or any other misc activities during the period ... I say with full confidence that it is worth shifting things around to ATTEND Supercamp.

The things your child will learn at camp CANNOT be picked up at a "normal" class or tuition lesson.

And the benefits of Supercamp will stay with your child for a LONG, LONG time.

Like I mentioned right at the start, parents who send their kids to Supercamp are SERIOUS about having their kids do well ... and we are EQUALLY serious about giving your child the very best.

So if you are committed to your child's long-term success, here's what to do:

- Click on the different links above to learn more about Supercamp.

- Click on **Learn More** to download a special info-pack on Supercamp. (You'll learn more in detail about what we do, and how we teach)

- Click on Register  to find out how to reserve a place for your child. As of yesterday, we have VERY limited places remaining, so act now or miss out.

And if you have any questions, Bryan (our Program Development Manager) and myself are readily available.

Whatsapp Bryan @ 98630011 or email me at melvin@qln.com.sg

Melvin Soh

Lead Facilitator,
Supercamp Singapore

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