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About Supercamp and Supercamp Singapore

We at Quantum Learning Singapore organize and run Supercamp Singapore - a 7-day, Singapore-based Supercamp conducted by US facilitators and supported by local team-leaders.

The foundation of our program is an adapted-for-Singapore edition of our world-famous Supercamp curriculum.

Supercamp was first founded by Bobbi DePorter in 1982 and the original goal was to teach students important life-skills that they could use for the rest of their lives and to make learning fun and meaningful.

Combining cutting-edge learning technology from famed educator Georgi Lazanov and life-lessons from the world's greatest achievers, Bobbi developed an innovative and engaging 7-day life-skills and academic skills program - Supercamp.

Supercamp combined powerful academic techniques like speed reading, study skills, writing, math, creativity and critical thinking with important life skills in the areas of communication, leadership, relationships, self-worth, personal responsibility, goal-setting and more.

And the results were amazing.

The first Supercamp Bobbi conducted was an instant hit with parents and students alike. Students had never experienced anything as unique and as life-changing as Supercamp.

Since then, Supercamp has impacted the lives of close to 65,000 graduates in 85 countries, been featured in countless media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN and trained more than 30,000 teachers and school administrators in almost 30 states in the US.

We at Quantum Learning Singapore organized our first Supercamp Singapore back in December 2007. It was held from 2nd - 8th December 2007 in Oldham Hall.

Ever since, we've conducted 11 Supercamps in Singapore and impacted the lives of nearly 2000 graduates from Singapore and around the SEA region.

This year, we are holding our 12th Supercamp Singapore - from 1st - 7th December 2013 - in Oldham Hall.

What is “Quantum Learning?”

Quantum Learning is a unique teaching method we use at Supercamp.

We put things together in a fast and fun way so students learn with speed, little effort and a great deal of ACTION and fun.

It brings together different elements: fun, games, color, positive thinking, physical fitness and emotional health - and combines these elements together in a carefully orchestrated fashion to produce a high-impact, powerful learning experience.

Your Child Will Learn How To Do The Following At Supercamp Singapore

- Set goals and take responsibility for their actions - so they live a more fulfilling life!

- Discover their own learning styles and adjust their revision to match that - so they study faster and do better.

- Master 21st-century communication, listening and relationship skills to improve relationships with friends, teachers and YOU - their parents.

- Tap their inner creative genius and different ways to solve problems

- Build a confident, can-do attitude and find inner motivation to learn and grow

- Develop a rock-solid character that can withstand life's many challenges

- Learn modern study methods so they remember more, write better and achieve better grades!

- Uncover their true passions and learn how to best express their gifts

- Change old, limiting beliefs about who they are and what they are capable of

Some Of The Actual Skills We Teach At Supercamp Singapore

Here are a few of the actual life and academic skills we teach students during Supercamp Singapore:


8 Keys of Excellence

Students will learn the 8 Keys of Excellence - Integrity, Failure Leads to Success, Speak with Good Purpose, This is It, Commitment, Ownership, Flexibility and Balance - so they develop a rock-solid character within that can withstand life's different challenges.

Outdoor Adventure Day

Students will overcome different physical obstacles in a safe but challenging outdoor course. This serves as a metaphor for overcoming life's challenges.

Students will push themselves physically and mentally to break through barriers that block their success.

Trust, Releasing Negative Labels and Taking A Stand For What They Believe

Students will learn the importance of trust - trusting themselves and trusting others.

Also, they will reach within and unearth the negative labels that others might have placed on them - and release these so they give themselves the permission to succeed.

Finally, they will discover the values they believe in, and take a powerful stand to affirm their beliefs.

Learn To Experience Life In Full

Students will learn the power of stepping outside their comfort zone and experiencing all the opportunities that life brings.

Also, they will learn to live from who they really are, instead of hiding behind the judgements and opinions of other people.

They will break out of their "shell" and learn to make the most of every precious moment in their life.

21st-Century Communication and Relationship Skills

We teach students how to build tighter bonds with friends, meet new people and build rapport, communicate with their teachers and participate in the classroom and strengthen ties with YOU - their parents.

They will learn the skills and practice these throughout the camp.

Creative Thinking, Goal-Setting and Problem-Solving

Students will learn a 4-step process to tapping their inner creative genius to solve problems.

Also, they will learn how to set goals and overcome potential obstacles. In fact, students will actually craft their goals down during camp and break through challenges in a high-impact activity.

Academic Skills

Quantum Reading, Quantum Writing and Quantum Memory -- How To Read Faster, Write Better and Remember More!

We teach students how to read faster, comprehend more - all by making small adjustments in the way they read.

We also train students to allow their inner "writer" to flow so they write smoother, get more ideas and complete essays and assignments faster and better.

Finally, we teach students how to store information using powerful association methods like location, pegs and full-body actions.

Quantum Study Strategies -- Modern Study Methods for the 21st Century

We teach students how to adjust their learning to fit their own learning styles. This shortens time and increases their confidence.

Also, we teach students how to "chunk" or break up exam curriculum into bite-size pieces so they can study a little a day, and build up to the exam. This makes them feel calmer and more in control.

Next, we show students how to build a conducive study environment so they can study in maximal concentration. Finally, we teach students a 10-second state-management technique that all top performers use - so students can stay calm and confident before a big presentation or major exam.

How We Teach Your Child At Supercamp Singapore

On top of using our trademark Quantum Learning teaching methods, we ensure that every child is giving specialized attention.

Your child will join a group of 9 - 11 other kids of the same age to form a group of 10 - 12 members.

Each group has 2 - 3 team-leaders. We take special attention to keep out staff-to-student ration at 5:1.

Content is covered from the front of the stage by our US facilitators, and then the team leaders lead the group in either activities (where everyone participates) or debriefs (where everyone gets a chance to share what they learnt from the activitiy)

We train our team-leaders to not only obtain learnings from every student, but to link it to the student's personal life - with friends, family or school-mates.

This makes the content we teach practical and applicable for the student.

On top of that, our team-leaders are trained to make sure that every student is participating during the activities.

Each student also has a playbook where they can write/journal their thoughts, learnings and feelings.

Also, there are also tons of follow-along worksheets and activity-pieces that students work on during the actual program so they gather the learning after completion.

We do this for BOTH our life-skills and academic-skills sections.

We want students to physically DO and PRACTICE as we teach every single time, because we know an engaged and active student is a learning student.

Where Your Child Will Be Staying

Supercamp Singapore is held at ACS Oldham Hall.

During the school term, ACS Oldham Hall is the home of hundreds of international students studying in the Bukit Timah area - schools like Hwa Chong, Nanyang Girls, SCGS and more.

We are privileged to be able to use this safe and learning-friendly location during the school holidays, when the students return home.

The school is first and foremost safe.

You need to tap a special access card to enter and exit, and only staff members will carry the access card.

Secondly, Oldham Hall boasts great accomodation - with quality showering facilities, nice beds and even aircon in the rooms!

Thirdly, Oldham Hall hires a full-time team of kitchen staff who cook up nutritious meals everyday of Supercamp.

There's a spacious dining hall where kids can sit together in their teams, eat and make friends.

All these are in addition to the many learning-friendly facilities Oldham Hall has, including:

- Music Room
- Chapel
- Common Rooms
- Tennis Courts
- Outdoor Sports Facilities
.... and more.

All these are very important to us - because we use all of these during our 7-day Supercamp program.

That's why we have been holding our Supercamp at Oldham Hall since 2007!

Its a great place for learning.

Supercamp Singapore - A Unique Program Tailored To Meet The Educational Needs of Singapore And South-East Asian Students!

At Supercamp Singapore, we've shaped the curriculum so it fits in perfectly with the Singapore/South-east Asian education system!

1. Academic Skills

We cover test-taking techniques so students thrive during exam time. We teach them how to manage their time, take notes in a personal and engaging way, how to prepare so they feel confident when the test date rolls around, and even a 10-second method to manage their state and calm themselves down.

Also, we've concentrated our efforts in teaching students how to write better, read faster and remember more.

We know that local students have plenty to read. Textbooks are thicker and there's an endless amount of reading material.

Also, there's a heavy demand on students to remember chunks and chunks of information for tests and exams.

In addition, teachers demand essays/compositions on a tight deadline - and require students to write these in an information-rich AND creative fashion.

All this can stress a child out, unless they have an arsenal of efficient methods to cope with these demands.

We teach students these techniques and get them to use them over and over again during Supercamp Singapore.

This means that students leave with a complete mastery of these tools, and are ready to use them at the drop of a hat.

2. Life Skills

When covering life-skills, we align all staff members, foreign and local, on Singapore/South-east Asian culture.

This way, we use examples and life scenarios that students can relate to.

Also, we hire Singaporean and South-east Asian team leaders - and they serve as a bridge between the curriculum that the US facilitators cover on stage and the local students, especially since they understand how things are like here.

These team leaders will engage students within the groups, elicit learnings and answers from them and coach them on how to apply these life-skills in their lives.

What Makes Supercamp Singapore Special?

Supercamp Singapore is special because:

1. We create a fun, engaging and challenging learning environment that's also safe and inclusive for students. We make sure everyone's participating and no-one's left behind.

2. We teach using all 3 modalities -- Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic -- so all students are engaged, regardless of their learning styles!

3. Students get to practice the skills multiple times during the camp, so they obtain long-lasting results.

4. We teach students strategies that they can apply to different situations or subjects.

5. We create a safe culture of trust and inner belief that they can recreate at home, with friends or in school.

6. Students learn by self-discovery and actual doing - so these lessons stay with them for life.

7. We give students personalized attention so they discover what works best for them. (Our students to staff ratio is 5:1)

8. We respect every single student and we believe that every single student is capable of learning and all they need is to be shown how to best utilize their skills.

Your Child Will Enjoy The Following Benefits When They Attend Supercamp Singapore

1. They will get more confidence to make things happen

If your child has goals like trying out for a new sport, or going to a dream college, they will learn steps to make that goals real.

Also, because they learn so much more about themselves, they end up making better choices and they are more comfortable letting friends and family know who they are, what they think and how they feel

2. School-work gets easier

Your child will learn how to read faster, remember what they study and write better - so they don't get stressed when they are called on.

In fact, they can solve problems with new tools, prepare for exams at their own pace and do much better than before.

This gives them more motivation to learn and makes learning fun!

3. They learn more about themselves with a team of friends

At Supercamp Singapore, your child will leave with more friends than they came with, and they will learn more about themselves as they interact with new people.

They will also learn how to better interact with people.

4. They will learn excellence from a world-class staff

Supercamp facilitators are chosen from top professional teachers and trainers. Hundreds go through a strict selection process and only a few are chosen.

Most of the facilitators have advanced degrees, and a natural ability to engage students, bring out their greatness and model excellence.

5. They will discover how to fulfill their true potential

At Supercamp Singapore, kids discover that they are bigger and better than who they thought they were.

There's a ton of potential inside them.

And it's not just about school, its about friends, hobbies, passions and life.

They will learn how to develop all of their abilities and create the best LIFE possible.

6. They will learn how to LEARN - a skill that will last them forever!

Your child will learn the seldom-taught skill of learning - how people learn, the best way to learn and why some people always seem to do better than others.

They can use this in school, in the workplace and back home.

Students discover the how and why and best way to learn - not just the "what". This is what makes them successful for life.

7. They will take charge of their lives

Students will learn that they are responsible for the choices they make in their lives.

They will also discover how to set goals and work towards them - so they craft the best life they possibly can.

Check Out Our Website or Contact Us To Find Out More

Feel free to check out our website for more information.

Read what some of our graduates have to say on our “Testimonials” page and download more information on our “Programs” page.

And if you have any questions, you can contact us at or SMS 98630033.

We look forward to seeing you and your child at Supercamp Singapore.

Melvin, Poh Lam and The Supercamp Singapore Team