Parent’s Testimonial

“I’ve sent all FOUR of my children to SuperCamp. My wife and I believe in creative thinking and self-leadership. SuperCamp is able to deliver all of this, and more!”

Joe Augustin, Presentation Coach and Emcee

“This is the first time in history that my son ever got straight A’s! He is using memory techniques, Quantum Reading and note-taking skills. I am proud! He is proud!”

Connie, Supercamp Parent

“In just two weeks SuperCamp accomplished what I’ve been trying (to accomplish) for 16 years. My son, who was reluctant to go, now says it was the best 10 days of his life”

Daniel, Supercamp Parent

“My son never seemed interested in getting good grades. When he did homework he did not bother to turn it in.

He had high A’s in tests but zeros in homework. After SuperCamp he has not missed a single assignment. SuperCamp was worth every penny we spent.”

Anita, Supercamp Parent

“My daughter attended SuperCamp this summer and to say she enjoyed it would be the understatement of the year. She’s always been a great student and daughter, but this was a life-changing event for her. Keep up the good work!
It is much appreciated by parents and students!”

Andrea, Supercamp Parent

“One of the greatest joy and satisfaction we have is also that the kids really have fun at the camp among their peers, away from school, away from the protective arms of their parents and away from the comfort of their home. Just like a car that requires regular maintenance and once a while engine overhaul to run the distance, our kids need that break too amidst the stressful demands of our education system!”

Mr & Mrs Michael Wong, parents of Samuel and Faith Wong

“Thank you for organizing a wonderful camp. We were pleasantly surprised by Rachel – there was a notable difference in her attitude. We were also very glad to know that although she was very apprehensive about the camp initially, she thoroughly enjoyed herself and emerged on a more positive, can-do note.”

Jane, Mother of Rachel Wong

“Our improved relationship with our son and willingness on his part to communicate with us more – he talks a lot of things over with us now.”

Don & Mary, SuperCamp Parents

“A decision well worth making. We have seen remarkable improvements in our son’s confidence, social skills and study skills as well as motivation.”

Mark & Donna,SuperCamp Parents

“My husband and I are proud parents of a 13-year old son. Our son has attended SuperCamp for four years and SuperCamp has helped him to become a polished and well-rounded young man. He loves school, and is an honor roll student. He is also able to balance his academics with his after school sports activities such as cross-country, racing, basketball and golf, along with playing in the jazz band. SuperCamp has been a wonderful experience for him each year. And because of his love, enjoyment, and growth he will be attending next year and the next few years. So, thank you SuperCamp.”

Iris,  SuperCamp Parent