Our key areas of focus are the following:


Students will learn the power of stepping outside their comfort zone and experiencing all the opportunities that life brings. Also, they will learn to live from who they really are, instead of hiding behind the judgements and opinions of other people. They will break out of their “shell” and learn to make the most of every precious moment in their life.

21st-Century Communication and Relationship Skills 

We teach students how to build tighter bonds with friends, meet new people and build rapport, communicate with their teachers and participate in the classroom and strengthen ties with YOU – their parents. They will learn the skills and practice these throughout the camp.

Creative Thinking, Goal-Setting and Problem-Solving 

Students will learn a 4-step process to tapping their inner creative genius to solve problems. Also, they will learn how to set goals and overcome potential obstacles. In fact, students will actually craft their goals down during camp and break through challenges in a high-impact activity.

Academic Skills 

How To Read Faster, Write Better and Remember More through Quantum Reading, Quantum Writing and Quantum Memory

We teach students how to read faster, comprehend more – all by making small adjustments in the way they read.

We also train students to allow their inner “writer” to flow so they write smoother, get more ideas and complete essays and assignments faster and better.

Quantum Study Strategies

We teach students how to adjust their learning to fit their own learning styles. This shortens time and increases their confidence.

Next, we show students how to build a conducive study environment so they can study with maximum concentration. Finally, we teach students a 10-second state-management technique that all top performers use – so students can stay calm and confident before a big presentation or major exam.


We believe that to be effective learning must be fun. At SuperCamp we utilize research-based educational practices to create a joyful and engaging learning environment. We include music, fun activities, entertaining skits, and energetic outdoor activities.

Students participate in their learning at SuperCamp—they don’t just observe! When learning is meaningful, memorable, and joyful, students excel.

Life at Supercamp Singapore


Dorm Life – Students share rooms in the dormitories. Breakfast is at 7:30 AM and the day ends shortly after a closing gathering. Lights out is at 9:30 PM. The student­ to staff ratio is at least four ­to­ one. Team leaders live in the same residence halls as their students, with males and females on separate floors or wings.


Safety – Safety is our utmost concern in all activities, Since its first Singapore program in 2007, SuperCamp Singapore has provided a safe, secure environment for participants. Students remain on campus at all times. On day 1, we assign them to teams of 10 to 12 campers, both boys and girls of similar ages, with 2 Team Leaders supporting each team throughout the 7 days at camp. The nature of our team-building exercises guarantees that your child will immediately feel supported by the team leaders and will quickly form close bonds with other campers. We have a camp committee in every program who supports the emotional and physical well-being of all kids at camp.



Dining – Students eat breakfast, lunch and dinner in the campus cafeteria.