The foundation of our programme is based on the 8 KEYS OF EXCELLENCE taught at all SuperCamps worldwide.



Combining cutting-edge learning technology from famed educator Georgi Lazanov and life-lessons from the world’s greatest achievers, Bobbi developed an innovative and engaging 7-day life-skills and academic skills program – SuperCamp.


Supercamp combined powerful academic techniques like speed reading, study skills, writing, math, creativity and critical thinking with important life skills in the areas of communication, leadership, relationships, self-worth, personal responsibility, goal-setting and more.


And the results were amazing.



The first SuperCamp Bobbi conducted was an instant hit with parents and students alike. Since then, SuperCamp has impacted the lives of close to 65,000 graduates in 85 countries, been featured in countless media outlets like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CNN and trained more than 30,000 teachers and school administrators in almost 30 states in the US.

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