Camper’s Testimonial

How do the kids feel about SuperCamp? Just have a look…

“During Outdoor Adventure Day, we learnt how much words of encouragement can help build one’s confidence. Every person in my team cheered one another on as our teammates scaled the rock wall or abseiled down a high wall. Working together closely during team challenges also helped us bond, and grow closer to one another. I have learnt that something so simple like “you can do it!” can play a great part in helping one conquer the challenges they face in their life”

Anna Lau Hui Miin, Cedar Girls Secondary School

“SuperCamp has taught us many life skills and academic strategies to help us succeed in our lives such as Quantum Writing and the 8 Keys of Excellence.
Furthermore, SuperCamp has taught me to appreciate and show gratitude towards our parents, who have been supporting us since we took our first breath. Also, I learnt to treasure my relationships with friends, especially after an argument.”

Jeff Chen, Raffles Institution

“It is very good and you can learn a lot.”

Xavier Tan, 10 ACS Primary

“The facilitators were awesome, and the team leaders were amazing. I want to come for Supercamp again if I can. It has taught me special skills that I will bring to my outside life at home and in school.”

Benny, ACS Barker

“Supercamp is a one-of-a-kind camp and it is, in every sense of the word, awesome.

I personally felt that the 8 keys of Excellence taught in camp is imperative to succeed in life. The key that really struck me was the ‘This is it’ key. In whatever situation we find ourselves in, we ought to give our very best even though we might not feel like doing it.”

Justin Oh, Meridian Junior College

“Go. I went there and it changed my life completely. SuperCamp rocks!”

Nickolas Tan, ACS Primary

“The experience I gained during camp has taught me a lot. The bonds we forged were inseparable throughout the camp and have lasted till now.
One of the keys I learnt was ‘Failure Leads to Success’. It taught me to never give up and to take failure as a lesson.”

Chow Kin Wei, Anglo Chinese School (Barker Road)

“Supercamp is not an ordinary camp because the experiences that I have gained is incomparable to any other camps that I have been to. Not only has Supercamp imparted to me many useful technique and skills to use in my studies, but also made me step out of my comfort zone and learnt more about myself.”

Bryan Yu, ACS Barker

“I say it was really fun, we learn lots of skills and help us become more confident.”

Faith Wong, MGS Primary

“Super camp has taught me to be honest, confident and simply be yourself. It has also taught me to appreciate my parents and never take things for granted.
I miss Super camp so much and I’ll definitely come again next year!!!”

Sera Kitamura, Raffles American School

“Amongst all the camps I’ve been to, Supercamp is the best camp I’ve attended.
In Supercamp, we are taught the 8 keys of excellence, the different types of academic tools, how to quantum read and write, how to set a realistic goal, the steps of our communication skills, also the different types of quantum strategies that we can use in school and also life skills that we can use in our life.”

Caryn So, Queensway Secondary School

“The cohesiveness of the camp which incorporates fun and games into learning, have really impacted my study skills and morale.
As a student, it is always important to find the best way for me to study. Optimizing my abilities and concentration in school and in other curricular activities is key.
Supercamp has played a major role in that and I have truly enjoyed myself.
To the extent that 7 days is not enough!”

Ebenezer Loy, Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

“SuperCamp is worth every penny. You will experience motivation, friendship, work ethic, and inspiration like never before.”

Jacob, SuperCamp Graduate

“The factor that impacted me the most was the hospitality of the people at Supercamp. I am a person who is uncomfortable speaking in front of a large group of people. However I decided to conquer this fear and stepped out of my comfort zone to share in front of the entire camp my thoughts during Reflection Time. With the constant support of the two facilitators and my TLs, I was able to share my thoughts with everyone.”

Russell Yong, Nanyang Primary School

“Hi everyone! My name is Anissa Amalia, and SuperCamp to me is like my second family, although it lasts only for a week.

Everyone is very supportive and you will really feel accepted as a part of something big.

My experience being part of the L team has also really helped me to be a better leader, and to my surprise, I am now a student leader at the college I’m studying at.

All the values that I learnt and the academic strategies that they taught us during the camp are very helpful, and they help me grow into a new and better person every time.

I really recommend everyone to join SuperCamp if they can! Many people asked me, “what is SuperCamp?” and to be honest, the answer that I give to them is always, “I don’t really know how to describe it. You have to be there and experience it, and you will not regret it”, even my little sister loves the camp!”

Annisa Amalia, Edmonds College

“SuperCamp was a wonderful experience. The skills will last a lifetime and my relationship with my parents has already improved. Although, I am on the other side of the globe, I maintain a close relationship with my team members through e-mail. I praise your efforts in helping me and I wish SuperCamp nothing but absolute success in the future.”

Kevin, SuperCamp Graduate

“Everyone should definitely go for it, and it will drastically change and inspire your life.”

Christine Yuan, SCGS

“I’m Colin and I’ve been going to Supercamp since 2007 and I’ve been to camp 7 times. What I learnt, loved and used the most from Supercamp is leadership.
Going there once simply wasn’t enough to draw off the full potential of the program. Going once allows you learn and experience the atmosphere and the special learning skills it offers. However, attending camp more than once has allowed me to experience the camp as a leader allowing me to learn far more then by just going once. Leadership is a broad term and Supercamp taught me a kind of leadership that is rare and almost impossible to learn under normal situations.

I’ve been asked why I have returned so many times. It’s because that this camp creates a hyper-positive environment that promotes growth in all areas as a person. This as allowed me to experience something that would take months in just a week.

For those who have not attended camp before it is an experience not to be missed, and for those who have attended before, each camp is the different and by attending Supercamp again, you will definitely learn new lessons and grow even more.”

Colin Chua, ACS (Barker)

“Supercamp was awesome for me. I’ve always been pretty outgoing but the environment here is different and its nice to be surrounded by people as positive as me.

What I really gained here was the support of people and the amazing academic skills.”

Helena, School of The Arts

“The obstacles I faced in this camp really pushed me to be the best I can be in terms of physical, emotional and mental state. The positive aura of the camp makes me want to come back and it has truly changed my life!”

Erfa Riizah, Tanjong Katong Girls School

“Unlike most motivational camps, Supercamp is really a long lasting experience, not something that loses novelty after the camp. I myself have returned to Supercamp for 3 years and every single time I have left with something new, be it a new sense is confidence or motivation for the academic rigor of school.”

Melisa Tay (twin TL) Methodist Girls School

“Restricted access to electronics, ‘strict’ sleeping time schedules, buffets everyday, fun activities and a pinch of academics.

SuperCamp broke my fear of my own image, where I’ll just be confident of my talents, show my true potential, make new friends and just be myself. They made me realize that my dreams will be able to come true if I believe and be confident about my skills and talents. 

Thank you Facilitators, Team Leaders and staffs for being older brothers and sisters and having the patience and determination of guiding and supporting us (Campers) to be a better person in our lives. Thank you for giving me the final boost in changing the way I think of life, myself, people, school and making me believe that my life was worth living for.

Although we (campers) came from different areas and schools, it’s ironic to think that on the second day of camp, we felt like we have known each other for a month or even a year. Thank you guys for an amazing experience, for cheering on when I needed it. For trusting me even though we have known each other for a few days. Thank you for showing so much love and care for others. Thank you for all the story telling and hard work you guys showed in those tiring but fun activities. 

6 days has passed and we finally ‘graduated’. It’s like I have been woken up in a dream that I  didn’t want it to end. Hopefully next year this camp would be at least 2 weeks and we will be able to see each other again in the future

And I will never in my life regret being part of this family. 💕

Adelle Dela Pena

“ During Supercamp, I learnt one of the most important lessons, to get rid of Fimage (Fear of Image). This was emphasised through things like “No Fimage day” where you spend the day being your weird and wacky self. It showed me how fun it can be if everyone had no fimage. I learnt to let go of the little pieces of fimage in me and not to be controlled by what people though of me. I learnt to love myself for who I am and to believe in myself. Believing in myself has given me much more confidence and I no longer let Fimage rule my life.”

Nadea Merchant, Tanjong Katong Girls School