Let’s Break Down THE FULL 7 DAYS At Supercamp Singapore! …

Day 1

Welcome. Your child will arrive, check in, meet his/her roommates and get settled. Team Leaders facilitate large group games and the energy is high. The afternoon session officially begins your journey of learning and discovery. There are introductions of the staff, team-building games, learning activities, a tour of the campus, and dinner with his/her Team Leaders.

Your child will explore the Key about making the most of every moment – This Is It! New traditions are established and as a large group, he/she will participate in team-building activities to prepare them for academic classes.

The evening continues with a focus on the 8 Keys of Excellence, and team members learn more about each other, building trust and understanding of people’s differences and similarities. The day ends with reflection and a journal writing opportunity.

Day 2

In the morning, your child will discover the Key of Ownership– taking responsibility of your actions – then they’ll continue with Supercamp traditions and focus on teamwork, relationships with others and knowing themselves better.

Communication is the focus of the Key of the day, Speak with Good Purpose. These topics support the introduction of the academic rotations. In the evening session, your child will welcome the outdoor adventure staff and explore safety and expectations.

Day 3

The Key of the day, Failure Leads to Success, is a perfect lead-in to a day of academic rotations including Quantum Study Strategies, Quantum Reading and Quantum Writing. The Outdoor Adventure Day is the metaphor of life.

Your child will challenge himself/herself in a safe physical environment, where his/her teammates and friends hold their safety lines and cheer them on to success while they navigate high wires and pole climbing that is exhilarating and fun.

In the evening, they’ll talk about what they learnt during Outdoor Adventure Day and participate in the Movement Workshop to celebrate the day’s achievement, and further explore interpersonal relationships.

Day 4

The Key of the day is Integrity. Your child will continue with academic rotations and in the evening, they will explore their relationship with you — their parents.

Day 5

Morning traditions continue, including the Key of Flexibility. Your child will complete the last full day of academic rotations, giving them many tools to apply to all their school subjects.

In the evening, they are given the opportunity to express themselves through poetry. You’ll be inspired and touched by what you feel, write and hear.

Day 6

Today, your child will review and rehearse the new skills and integrate them into real-life situations so that they can take them out and use them at school and at home. The afternoon focuses on the Key of the day, Commitment.

The primary target is to create a goal, focus on it and formulate a plan to achieve it. Your child will get to participate in a real-life experience of accomplishment. The day concludes with individual strength acknowledgements as you receive and give accolades to your teammates.

Day 7

Graduation Day is here! For the past seven days, your child has been on an incredible learning journey. Now it is the time to celebrate his/her learning and discover the Key of Balance.

It is also a day of parting from teammates and other people whom they have connected with, and re-joining family and friends with new skills, experiences and attitude to share.

Here’s What A Typical Day at Supercamp Looks Like!

07:00am Wake Up
07:30 am Breakfast with your Team
08:30 am Key of the Day – Learn about Yourself!
10:00 am Morning Session
12:30 pm Lunchtime
01:30 pm Afternoon Session
04:00 pm Break – Activities such as Sports, Drawing & Music
05:30 pm Dinnertime
06:30 pm Life Skills – Communication & Goal Settings & More
09:45 pm Team Time
10:00 pm Announcement, Closing Words, Music
10:30 pm Lights Out

Your Child Will Enjoy VERY Specialized Attention!

On top of using our trademark Quantum Learning teaching methods, we ensure that every child is giving specialized attention.

Your child will join a group of 9 – 11 other kids of the same age to form a group of 10 – 12 members.

Each group has 2 – 3 team-leaders. We take special attention to keep out staff-to-student ratio at 5:1.

Content is covered from the front of the stage by our US facilitators, and then the team leaders lead the group in either activities (where everyone participates) or debriefs (where everyone gets a chance to share what they learnt from the activity)

We train our team-leaders to not only obtain learnings from every student, but to link it to the student’s personal life – with friends, family or school-mates.

This makes the content we teach practical and applicable for the student.

On top of that, our team-leaders are trained to make sure that every student is participating during the activities.

Each student also has a playbook where they can write/journal their thoughts, learnings and feelings.

Also, there are also tons of follow-along worksheets and activity- pieces that students work on during the actual program so they gather the learning after completion.

We do this for BOTH our life-skills and academic-skills sections. We want students to physically DO and PRACTICE as we teach every single time, because we know an engaged and active student is a learning student.