I founded SuperCamp in 1982 to help students relearn how they learn and reshape how they live their lives. Now with 75,000 graduates and programs in 14 countries delivered in English, Mandarin, Spanish, and Korean, we also work with thousands of schools and educators through Quantum Learning Education. Foundational to all our programs are the 8 Keys of Excellence and we’re on a mission to reach 50 million! We love to hear from those who attended SuperCamp, especially those who are now parents and sending their own children!

SuperCamp has, for 35 years, helped countless students worldwide locate their self-motivation, improve their grades, enhance personal relationships and build a rock-solid character that can withstand the challenges of life – ALL in a powerful 7-day experience! We’ve been in Singapore since 2007, and we have helped many, many students from Singapore and the South-East Asian region.


We take ordinary, struggling students and transform them into world-class achievers, passionate about life and learning. Parents routinely fly their kids in to SuperCamp because they are amazed at the transformation we create in 7 days.